Party Organisers Guide

Make Your Popstars Party Go Like a Song!

Thank you for your interest in our ‘PopKids’ recording parties!


Besides offering a fun and very unique birthday experience, we aim to make it as effortless for you as possible so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy it on the day as we entertain, produce and create their masterpiece just like the pop stars do in our professional sound recording studio!

Established in 1993, we have extensive experience with sound recording and have hosted hundreds of kids (and adults) parties with very flattering feedback from every single one, so you’re in safe hands! In fact our parties have been such a huge success, we now have over 30 studios nationwide that host our PopKids parties for us!
Plymouth is of course where it all started… the original and (ahem!) the best!

Our Popkids party’s are for 8 inclusive participants, but additional participants can be added (up to 16). We find the best numbers are between 8-12. If more participants will be attending and you haven’t already added these to your order, you can settle up for any additional participants on the day, but we need to know in advance roughly how many will be attending so we can prepare the studio for you.

After booking, we will send you a gift pack to give the birthday girl/boy and a number of invites. If you require any more, please let us know.

Although it is a bit of fun, we do try to get the very best we can from all the participants so they have something they will listen to and have great memories of in years to come! Technically, It’s not just a case of all standing around one microphone and singing as you may think, it’s a bit more involved, especially for us, and so it is really important that all the participants are familiar with the songs they will be performing to make everything run as smooth as possible.

Let us know ASAP the songs they would like to perform. We have a database of over 40,000 on our website and growing daily!  Click on the TRACKS link in the menu at the top of this page.
If you can’t see what you’d like, please ask. You can hear previews and get the lyrics here too. We will send you a link to download backing tracks and words. You can forward this link to the others/parents.

Song choices
Choose songs with a strong sing-along chorus that everyone knows. For example, songs that work well include:

  • Firework – Katy Perry
  • That’s What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson
  • Blank Space – Taylor Swift
  • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  • Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson
  • Jessie J – Price Tag
  • Impossible – James Arthur
  • We Are Young – Fun
  • I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
  • Marry You – Bruno Mars
  • Let It Go – Frozen

You get the idea!

Please be aware of the lyrical content of some songs! You will be surprised how risqué and innuendo some of them are and we have had a few raised eyebrows (and have even raised our own) when the words are printed out! We can change/adapt them in most instances for you, but worth checking them first.

They will get to perform one main song where we will allocate lines to individuals and everyone joins in for the choruses, and a second song that they will all sing together as a group. The better rehearsed they are, the more they will get done. We can’t stress enough that everyone really does need to know the songs well. They may just like to sing the entire songs as a group (especially younger children) and that’s fine, or they can sing solo parts in pairs, but it’s only a few lines each and its loads of fun and it’s a much better keepsake if they do sing a line or so each of the main song so we will try to encourage them to all have a go !

Bring your ideas, but don’t get too concerned with working out exact arrangements in advance, just make sure that everyone knows both songs really well. It’s proven to be much easier if we allocate actual solo lines to individuals in the studio on the day. We have had some groups arranging parts in advance that are virtually technically impossible to record on the day in the time we have. We have experience with most of the popular songs and know what works well and they will have a rehearsal session before they start to record.

They will have words in front of them on the day which we will print out.

Arrive on time!
Please ensure everyone arrives by the start time (but please no more than 15 minutes early as we’ll be sound checking and testing all the equipment).  It’s often not possible for us to run over your allocated time slot so it’s important that we’re ready to start promptly.

We provide soft drinks (squash/tea/coffee) for everyone, but feel free to bring some nibbles and a cake. We will set up a buffet table in a room which overlooks the main studio and you will have a few minutes between songs for everyone to have a bite to eat!

Dress code
Why not get them to dress up as in a theme of their favourite pop star, a pop era, or as one of the artists whose song they will be singing. This option is on the invites we send out.

We will take professional photos throughout the session and you are of course welcome to take some too. All photos we take will be on the CD we give them, so if they pop their CD into their computer they’ll find them on there.

We offer the option to film the whole event and capture all the live action as it happens from our 4 fixed studio cameras and all the audio from the mixing desk – a great keepsake and comes in a nice presentation case. You can order this online (for a small surcharge) in advance, or let us know before we start the session and you can settle up on the day. You will need to provide us with completed “image use consent forms” to allow us to film which you can download from a link at the very bottom of our website

You are welcome to bring and use your own video cameras to film the action in the control room (where the mixing desk is), or from the room which overlooks the live room, but will not be permitted in the recording rooms during the live recording sessions.

We have a clean and comfortable studio with a bathroom and small kitchen which you are welcome to use.

The ‘Serious’ Stuff
At least one accompanying adult must remain present throughout the entire event. It’s useful to us if there’s 2-3 present just to keep everyone in check as we have some very expensive equipment around and quite understandably everyone will be very excited. We must limit spectators to 4 without prior arrangement as it becomes very difficult to co-ordinate everyone due to the studio layout.

We respectfully ask that you don’t bring babies or very young children to the studio. Quite frankly a crying baby makes the sound engineers job near impossible!

Pets will not be permitted onto the premises.

Any equipment damaged due to negligence will be chargeable to the event organiser. We brief all participants before we start the session of the do’s and don’ts and domestics.

Please ensure that you have read and understood our cancellation policy. This can be found on our parent website on the terms page. We understand that this is a very special day for the participants, and we will only ever re-arrange an event where we are left with absolutely no alternative (i.e. sickness or equipment malfunction). We will of course give you as much notice as possible, and reschedule to a future mutually convenient date.


Check list:

  1. Choose song choices and let us know in good time
  2. Send out invites
  3. Circulate backing tracks and lyrics links that we send you
  4. Get video/photo permission forms signed by parents (bring with you on the day)
  5. Make sure they are all well rehearsed!
  6. Arrive on time on the day.

That’s it! – We’ll take care of the rest and will explain anything else you need to know to you all on the day.

We look forward to meeting you.

Happy Practising !